Yahama Quick Start Remote Issues

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Yahama Quick Start Remote Issues

Hey Guys

Trying to help my father-in-law out here and need some guidance if possible.

He owns:
for his Yamaha Generator: EF3000iSE

A couple months back the remote starter stopped working.  Tried the obvious battery replacement on the remote but still wouldn't start.  Reattempted to sync with the board using the learning feature - when doing so the board flashes to initiate the learning process but doesn't change or respond when you use push the learning button the fob.   I can't seem to find a manual online anywhere, but I would think that the board would "recognize" that the fob has been synced and stop flashing or react differently.

The fob itself doesn't have a light either, so I can't tell if its just the fob that is busted.  Is there a way to test the fob using a multi-meter or something, or vice versa from the board end before making another purchase or sending off for repair?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.