YG6600DE noise ?

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YG6600DE noise ?

shooter 51
I recently acquired a used YG6600DE generator, runs like a train, no warts.

 How do I look up when it was made ? and any other numbers I'm likely to need, like for ordering parts and such.

I would like to add an hour meter, to help schedule maintenance by hours run. How is this best done? is there a factory part or should I go for an after market inductive style?

This is going to be permanently mounted on my tow rig, in a watertight box, to power my 5th wheel trailer when boon docking or asphalting. What can I do to quiet this old girl down?

Being double shock mounted to the tow rig has helped some, but not as much as I want. What about replacing the stock muffler with a larger pipe  running to a automotive type muffler under the box?

As usual, all helpful hints or sage advice is welcomed. OTOH, smart azz comments or tomfoolery will be graded and properly filed/appreciated.

Thanks Paul