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Troubleshoot EF2000is

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Hey everyone, I'm very glad to find this group.

Lent my ef2k to my in-laws (they lost power during Isaias) just to keep their refrigerator cold, and it worked overnight on eco mode and then at some point this AM it stopped generating power.

Here are the facts/symptoms:

It runs, but sounds like maybe it is a little slow

Eco switch doesn't change anything

No AC Light

Sounds odd, but it is very easy to start. In the past it's always taken a few hard pulls, now it starts up with barely a tug

Kill-a-watt meter on a known good cord doesn't turn on

I've had it since 2012 (a Sandy purchase), and it ran like a champ for over a week while we didn't have power. After Sandy I had it checked over and was told it was fine. Since then it's been run very lightly. I run it every few months, usually without a load but sometimes with, just to make sure it runs. I've tested it on my sump pump, and last summer I had a circuit set up to safely run the pump, the furnace, and the fridge. I ran a power washer with it a few months ago, and it ran like a champ.

I've changed the oil a few years (but not many operating hours) back, but I have not changed the plug (although I have a couple of spares). I always run it dry so the carb doesn't get gummed.
So that's the story. Any help with troubleshooting is appreciated, like where to start, and what to check. The easy starts are also very suspicious to me because it has never been easy to start...

Thanks for reading..


Update!! I used my multimeter in the DC outlet, it made a horrible whine, and showed 18 Amps before I chickened out and yanked the leads.

New spark plug and some marvel mystery oil later (in the fuel) and no progress.