Love them Yamaha gennies!

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Love them Yamaha gennies!

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If you're considering a generator, you need to seriously consider the Yamahas!

I bought my first (YG2800i) back in 2003. I've use the heck out of it the past 3 years, probably have hundreds of hours on it and the thing has been flawless. Regular oil changes, adjust the valves once a year, and clean the air filter. It still starts on one or two pulls.

Because of the great sucess with this one I just purchased an EF2400is and EF1000is. I've added the Yamaha hour meters to both of them so I can keep better control over the maintenance schedules. The 2800 has not died, but I now have a requirement for two gennies and I wanted the 2400 because it's a little quiter than the 2800, and when we're camping I want to be respectful of those around me.

Great job on a quality product! I'll post up pics of the hour meter install, both came out really clean!

And here are pics of the hour meters installed on the 2400 and 1000