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Just bought EF1000i

You can find these little buggers for very little $ online right now. Yamaha must be cleaning up in sales, as Honda seems to be oversold and out of stock right now on its line of small and quiet generators.Not to mention more $$

Included in the box with the generator is a manual, DC cord w/medium-sized hooded alligator clips, small wrench, spark plug socket, mini oil pan, and 1 qt. of SAE10W30. You'll only need 10 oz. of oil to fill the generator and just a tad over two quarts of 87 octane fuel for the tank of this 4-stroke generator. There's a fuel shutoff switch, DC reset, economy operation button, on/off switch, two AC outlets, and a DC charging outlet.

What's really freaky is how quiet this generator runs! After a minute of warmup, if you switch on the "Economy Control" switch, the sound drops dramatically (genny runs slower). You can stand next to this generator and have a conversation in a normal voice!

I put my DVM onto the unit and measured 120.1V AC. For the DC output, I found 12V. This may be a problem for those of you with rigs that like 13.8V (although you can hook up a power supply or run the rig off a battery charging via the generator). I did not measure DC output under load, but this generator will make a pot of coffee and run my 20W rigs on the picnic table or off the truck's lift gate, so I'm happy. YMMV.

Unit was purchased for outdoor ham radio fun and as a backup for a CPAP machine during power outages (gotta get my sleep).

Two year warranty via Yamaha dealers.

This unit was just a hair less expensive than my 5.5KW Troy Bilt, but it weighs a lot less and generates power needed for medical and amateur radio gear. BTW, Yamaha has just introduced a new EF4500i, i guess things are good for Yamaha with the new inverter series gennies...Go Yamaha !!