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Giving Back

Dave Jones
As a homeowner, educated by the school of hard knocks, I've learned how to get [Yamaha] generators with auto-start capabilities (a.k.a. this does *not* apply to models that only have pull cords) to autostart and stop as a result of "conditions" -- the most common one of course being utility power outage.  

I choose the word "conditions" because the need for such autostart/stop capabilities could just as much apply say, to a pond in the middle of nowhere, without access to electric, used for wild animal drinking, that when it gets too low, engages of float switch to start a generator to pump more water.

I also am very proficient in converting a Yamaha generator to run on propane, natural gas or gasoline.

I have nothing to sell; I don't work for companies that sell these products.

But if people have interest, I'm glad to answer questions.