Easier oil changes on an EF6300iSDE - Install Drain Valve

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Easier oil changes on an EF6300iSDE - Install Drain Valve

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I got around to changing the oil again on my EF6300.  I was not happy with the method of letting the oil drain out of the hole in the bottom of the enclosure, having to make a foil funnel to route the oil into the hole to avoid a mess on the bottom of the unit.

To make things a lot easier, cleaner, and tool-free, I installed an oil drain valve made by Fumoto, model # F109N.  It has a 3/8" nipple, and comes with a piece of hose to route through the hole in the frame, and slips onto the nipple.  Simply put a pan under the hose, and open the spring loaded lever.  To open, lift up on the lever and turn.  A really nice convenience to have.  Here's the product link:

Fumoto F109N Oil Drain Valve

I also purchased an extra washer, lever clip (to prevent accidental opening), and a nipple cap.

I know it's just a valve, but any chance I can make something easier, I try it.  If you have a different model generator, or other piece of equipment, just check the size and thread pitch of your drain plug and look it up on the Fumoto site.  I also installed this valve on my snowblower.  When installing, hand tighten, then snug it up with a wrench placed on the valve body, NOT the nut at the base of the nipple.

Here are some pics.

Original Method with foil funnel:
Original Method with foil funnel

Original Drain Plug:
Original Drain Plug

Fumoto Valve Package:
Fumoto Valve Package

Valve with lever locking clip and nipple cap:
Valve with lever locking clip and nipple cap

Valve Installed:
Valve Installed

Valve Installed, then hose attached:
Valve Installed, then hose attached

Ready to drain:
Ready to drain