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EF6600DE Carb

I purchased this generator new.  Last year it started dying after running about 30 minutes.  This year it will not start.  I have never used ethanol gas in it.  I do realize after 15 years gum ups happen.

I have the carb diagram and have an understanding of how engines run.  I've removed he float bowl and the main jet (in other words everything easily accessed), but have not taken the carb off the machine.  Cleaned everything I had out and put it back together.  It would not start without starter fluid and then of course quit.

I am female but am not stupid I promise.  I have taken the carb off my walk behind trimmer (with auto choke), cleaned it and put it all back together thanks to youtube and it started right up.  I've put a new carb on my 20 year old Honda trimmer.  I think I'm up to removing this carb completely and cleaning it but am wondering what things I need to give special attention.

I'd really rather buy a new carb and put it on but am not paying Yamaha over $400 for an OEM carb.  Does anyone know why the carb would cost this much???  I asked a Yamaha dealer and he said because they could and someone would pay it.  When I take it off I'll see exactly what carb it is and maybe go from there.

Thanks to everyone.