EF600 starts very difficult after service

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EF600 starts very difficult after service


I bought a neglected old EF600 which started perfectly first time . I then took it for a proper service to a motorcycle workshop. We replaced the air filter, oil, spark plug, dissembled and cleaned the carb. We also installed a Hella 12V socket in the place of the original 12V outlet (I'm in South Africa where we use different plugs)

1) When we assembled it again it was difficult to start. Now it is almost impossible. It will start and run for a few seconds, then dies. When I manage to start it again , it runs OK. When it does start , it runs well with a stutter every now and again.

2) We connected a 7Ah battery with a short adapter cable and it read 16V
Then we connected a 50Ah battery with the same short cable and it showed 12V.
I made a 9m 6mm2 cable with Hella plugs at both ends. The scientific calculation says voltage drop would be about 0.5V. But the voltage now reads 10.8V ! It blew the power sockets of my caravan when I connected the cable directly ot that socket in order to charge the caravan battery.

Any advice on these two problems?