EF3000iSEB issue when A/C compressor kicks on.

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EF3000iSEB issue when A/C compressor kicks on.

Greetings everyone.....new forum user and Yamaha generator owner here. I've been reading through lots of threads over the past couple of months, and I'm definitely glad to have found an excellent source of information on my new genny.

Back in June, I bought a 7x16 cargo trailer, and EF3000iSEB, both of which had very little use on them. The generator hadn't even gotten to its first oil change yet, so I got a REALLY good deal on it. The trailer was already set up as a pit area for racing RC cars. It has a 32" LCD TV, several 36" LED overhead shop lights, and an Atwood Air Command AC150 (15K BTU unit on the roof). I added a car stereo system, powered by an HP dps-1200fb 12V computer server power supply.

The AC unit has a spec of 13.6 full load amps, but I'm confident that it's well below that, even without having measured it with an ammeter. I can hook into one of my garage outlets, which is connected to a single 15A breaker in the house panel, and power the entire trailer, plus run the lights and a couple of fans in the garage at the same time. The 15A breaker will not trip when the AC compressor kicks on, even in 97+ degree temps. I did intentionally try to overload the circuit by running a small shop vac, and the AC in the trailer at the same time.....that combination is the only was I was able to trip the 15A breaker.

Now that the background information is taken care of, here's the problem I'm having, and I'm hoping someone here can shed a little light on it. When I'm running the trailer off of my generator, and have my battery chargers hooked up, when the AC compressor kicks on, the lights will flicker (not cut out completely) for a very brief instant (maybe 2 tenths of a second). Additionally, if I'm running the battery charger and power supply for the radio, they will blip off for a split second. It's not long enough for the radio memory to reset, and both devices come back on automatically, but it's like a very quick power flicker that causes the more sensitive electronics to reset.

I've stood beside the generator when the AC kicks on, and the engine is not stumbling, or dropping RPM under a load. The only way I can even tell the compressor started is the sound changes on the generator, indicating the engine has a slightly higher load on it. I tried measuring the voltage drop at the outlets on the generator, and inside the trailer, but it's so fast, I can't catch it even using my Fluke voltmeter.

The AC unit is already the most efficient and lowest amp draw model on the market, but I'm trying to figure out if I need to install a start capacitor to smooth out the voltage drop. The only other thing I can think of is that there may be something malfunctioning with the control circuitry on my generator. I had a small 2000W suitcase style generator a few years ago, and it put out super consistent power, even when a load was applied. I would think that this Yamaha would have similar performance.

Has anyone had problems running "sensitive electronics", and power flickers when their AC starts? The generator still has 18 months of warranty coverage, so I'm also going to be contacting my local dealer, but I wanted to put something here first to determine if this was normal operation.

Any information y'all can give would be greatly appreciated.....