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EF2400ishc - Interference

I live in the northern part of the U.S.  and I'm able to ice fish where I'm located.  I have an aluminum ice fishing house with both 12 volt and 110 hook ups.  When hooked up, my EF2400ishc causes interference issues with my Vexilar fish locator.  It has gotten worse over the past three years.  Three years ago, I was able to set my fish locator on a bucket and the interference would go away.  Presently, it does not matter what I do....the interference happens all the time.  

A couple of things I've tried:
I have unhooked the generator from the ice fishing house, but kept it running = no interference
I have borrowed a friends Honda generator and ran power to the ice fishing house = no interference

So I'm assuming it has to be the generator.
1)  Why doesn't the interference happen when the generator is running, but not hooked up to the ice fishing house?
2)  Could it be a ground issue on the generator or ice fishing house?  Even if my Friend's generator did not cause interference?
3)  If it is the generator, why did it slowly get worse over the past three years?
4)  If it is the generator, is there something I can replace to stop the interference?

I have searched the internet extensively...and didn't find much info.

I hope someone on this forum can help me!

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Re: EF2400ishc - Interference

 Since you have an Aluminum ice fishing house, essentially a really big antenna, I would hook up a common ground between the Aluminum, the fish locator, the ice below and the Genny. The fact the Honda Genny did not make noise could be that your Genny has special circuitry that uses the on board 12Volt electric start battery to provide more 110V motor starting power for a few seconds.

 I hope you do NOT power the 12 VDC and 110 VAC loads at the same time with your genny, like the owners manual warns you NOT to. That will overheat the stators. Credit the very cold weather for saving you an expensive stator replacement . . . . for now.
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