Can the FE600 output AC and DC simultaneously?

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Can the FE600 output AC and DC simultaneously?


I use the gennie to charge two deep-cycle batteries in my landy and caravan when the weather is too overcast for the solar panels to charge them. I use a Victron 15A charger and a CTEK 7A charger. Both 220V . The gennie's max 1.8A AC output is not enough to connect both at the same time . (Previously I connected a 3.2A and the 7A chargers and they performed fine together).

So I'm thinking of connecting the Victron 15A to the AC output for the landy aux battery
and connect a DCDC charger from the caravan battery to the DC output of the gennie at the same time. (It normally connects to the car battery to charge the deep cycle while the engine is running. It raises the voltage to 14.3 from the 12V car output which would now be the gennie output)

Will the gennie handle that or can you only use AC or DC, not both together?