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Broken Yamaha generator

Dear Forum

I have a Yamaha 2800w Max/2500w Rated Inverter Generator.

It is an excellent generator, but after less then 100 hrs. it stopped working.

I have not found a competent authorized  repairer in the Whitsunday area to repair the machine. I have taken it to 3 Yamaha authorized repairers here in the Whitsundays , but they can only repair the mechanical side and not the electronic part. Then I took it to Mackay, 130 km from here  to another  authorized Yamaha repairer. He had no repair manual and not even a circuit diagram of the generator and wanted $1788 to fix it.


The generator runs and starts ok, but when I connect a load bigger then 600 watt (small angle grinder or power drill) it surges up to full speed and then goes back to idle again and again.

For over 4 years the generator has been sitting there now. Since no one here can fix it, I was forced to buy a cheap 2.4 kw  Chinese inverter generator that uses a lot more fuel than the Yamaha.

I am 74 years old, live in the bush and need the generator for power blackouts.


Can you please help me to find a competent Yamaha authorized repairer in Queensland Australia?