98 EF5000(E) Float Bowl 73A-14181-00-00. Cross reference?

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98 EF5000(E) Float Bowl 73A-14181-00-00. Cross reference?

Short story long..

We bought this new in 98 when hurricane Hugo hit Charleston SC. It ran for a month or so during that period, but since then It's been ran ever few years to make sure it was working. I always run the gas out of it, but some "evidently" was left in the Float Bowl and it rusted a few holes in the bottom.

I was curious if someone had a cross reference to another Float Bowl that it can replace, or even a new one? I have a possible line on a new one, but if that doesn't go through I was thinking about a second option.

I am looking to sell it and buy a larger one that I can hook up to my home. This thing is in great shape, and VERY low hours on it. The only issues other than the Float bowl is some surface rust, and front cover for the air filter is missing.

Any help would be appreciated!